About Us

My  approach to photography is a blend of candid photojournalism, stylistic portraiture and contemporary romantic. The finished product is a complete representation of the day from the smallest detail to the largest group photo.
After 20 years as a photographer I feel totally in my element at these events. I can predict when the moment is going to happen and be there waiting to get it.
An excerpt from the book by Nina Wildorf entitled "Wedding Chic" says alot about me and how I work;

"I knew the minute I laid eyes on him that we were meant to be. Jere emitted a suave, easy, vibe. He listened, he watched, and I was sold. Choosing your wedding photographer is about more than just finding who has the best price.

Jere operated behind the scenes  amazingly well. Only after the event, when I looked at all of the photos, did I realize just how much he caught; including our private moment just after the ceremony. At first I thought "Did this guy have cameras planted in all corners of the joint"? but it was actually quite sweet that he was able to capture our secret, "ohmygodIcan'tbelievewe'reactuallymarried" moment without us even realizing it. Those are some of my favorite shots now, because they are completely candid and rife with emotion.

I really prefer staying out of the way and getting things as they happen and not manipulating the scene. I will work alone unless there is a need for an assistant second shooter.